By Carol Schenk

Many people consider me ISSI’s first employee. But if it wasn’t for a bit of luck and being at the right time at the right place in 1974, I may have never found myself at this great company.

After moving to Aurora from Central City, Nebraska, I was working at a café downtown, where Clifford Williams, the founder of ISSI, came in for lunch almost every day while the plant was under construction. I remember that every time I was his server, he’d repeatedly tell me to apply for a job at the plant. After caving to Clifford and applying, I was hired to start as soon as the plant opened up. To this day, I’m beyond grateful for him seeing something in me.

When I was first hired, I worked in production and was the supervisor of the floor. One of my favorite tasks back in the day was working in the die and wire bond area. I can’t really describe why I was so passionate about it but I just thought it was so fascinating that you can work with something so little.

Now, 45 years later, I still hold the same title but face a series of different challenges every day. As supervisor of the floor, my primary responsibilities are conducting thorough inspections on our products as well as doing technical work. Arguably my favorite part of the job is that I’m always using my problem-solving skills. You often have to stop and think about the best solution for repairs or any other issues that arise.

Another enjoyable aspect is that every job is just a little bit different from the last and that we need to be able to tailor every job to the client’s needs.

It’s important to note that here at ISSI, we treat every job with the same care, no matter its size. I think many times, companies may give more attention to larger jobs that are paying more, but here, we treat every job as it is the most important one we’ve ever worked on. We ensure that we meet every deadline set by our clients and that no project gets left behind or procrastinated on, which I believe is something that sets us apart.

Everyone at ISSI is so great and easy to work with; it definitely plays a part in the work we do. At ISSI, we are very particular in everything we do. Over the years, I realized that we often see people who have a crafty, fine arts background succeed with us because they’re so used to being in an environment of everything being so precise.

Of course, you do not need to be a crafty person to have a successful career with ISSI, but it is amazing how much I’ve seen it help others.

It’s truly amazing the way our company has grown since I was first hired in 1974, and our future is bright.

At my 45th anniversary party, I told everyone that my next goal is to hit the 50-years mark and I’m excited to move forward with ISSI.