While our modern daily life hasn’t quite reached that of the Jetsons, with interplanetary daily commutes, our lives are still touched and simplified by advanced technology that we scarcely ever think about.

Fundamental to almost any type of electronics is the PCB, in all its unlimited possibilities for design and function. Purpose-designed boards survive in harsh conditions with exposure to dirt, grease, chemicals, vibration and any type of punishment the products they’re installed in can dish out. Boards of every shape, structure, and size shape the life, health and progress we enjoy, and any of them can be produced by Aurora Boardworks.

Let’s take a walk through an ordinary day and see where life intersects with electronic technology.

Did you use the alarm on your phone to wake yourself up today? If you did, then from the time you opened your eyes, you’ve relied on circuit boards. Not just for the telecommunications features of your phone but for all the others, from alarms to flashlights, measuring tools, apps and all the smart features.

Next question.

Do you eat breakfast before or after your shower? It doesn’t matter how you answer that one because both activities benefit – and depend – on cutting edge technology in PCB manufacturing.

Start with breakfast–a meal where many kinds of cereal and grain products find their way to the table.

Growing crops today involves sophisticated technology, from sensors that analyze the soil to systems that control and monitor water and other resources. Electronic circuits drive robotic and drone technologies that are involved in anything from weeding to applying treatments to crops. Machinery for planting, harvesting, and processing depends on another whole array of PCB components. Still, these technologies just skim the surface of what’s involved in producing grain.

Once the grain goes to the mill, many more steps are involved before it’s transformed so that you can buy bread or cereal at the store. The meticulous weighing, blending, and batching central to food production and other processes are facilitated by weight sensors, optical sensors and a host of control technologies, not to mention all the machinery and instrumentation, all of which depends on PCBs.

We often take for granted creature comforts like clean running water or heat and light for our homes. Even though we don’t give these processes much attention–unless there’s a power failure–the services we depend on wouldn’t be provided without highly organized delivery systems and the controls to operate them. That nice warm shower wouldn’t happen without technology. Pipelines carry water, oil, and gas. Each has specific requirements for monitoring and control, including sensors that give advanced warning of conditions that could lead to potential problems.

Along with food, water, and heat, we can be thankful for the developments in medical devices and equipment that support good health as we enter the day.

When injuries occur, medical equipment like MRI systems are available to help diagnose our problems. Routine exams include smaller pieces of technology, like oxygen monitors to record vital signs. Treatment for chronic conditions may often involve pumps and sensors that require complex circuitry for operation and effective monitoring, whether as part of a dialysis system, insulin injection device, or other type of therapy. Technologies that improve hearing continue to decrease in size while improving in performance–all dependent upon advancements in circuit technology and production methods.

So far, we haven’t left the house.

Maybe the day’s agenda includes travel, such as a flight to visit the site of a customer or supplier.

That’s another activity we can easily take for granted that wouldn’t be possible without top-performing sensors, instrumentation, and controls in the aircraft and all the related technical systems that allow it to fly.

When it comes to PCBs and their application, the sky – or more specifically, outer space – is the limit (just ask the companies already pushing that boundary). Whatever the industry or function that the circuitry will support, the right custom PCB manufacturer can make the difference in the success of a project by providing experience, insights, and dedication to helping with design and development of boards that optimize performance and manufacturability.

And that’s where we come in.

Uncomplicating PCB assembly and design is the foundation of our approach at Aurora Boardworks. We pair that with a dedication to personal service that leads to long term relationships, helping your products fly higher and perform better.

Rely on the A-Team to help you transform the ordinary into extraordinary.